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Slovenia - Your Host Country

A land with an excellent geographic position, in the very heart of Europe, at the crossroads of routes leading from the cold north to the warm Mediterranean south, Slovenia is a miniature Europe, a country where the Alps meet the Adriatic Sea and where the stone Karst stretches to the Pannonian lowlands. A fascinating variety of landscapes is concentrated on only some 20,000 square km.


Facts about Slovenia

Area 20.273 km2
Population 2 million
Language Slovene
Currency Euro (€)
Capital Ljubljana
Political system multiparty parliamentary democracy
Electricity 220 V - 50 Hz
Climate Healthy climate
Average summer temperature : 21 °C
Average winter temperature : 4 °C
No. of sunny days per year : 97
No. of rainy days per year : 91

Portorose in Italian, literally "Port of Roses"


Sea, wind, salt, Mediterranean aromas, palm trees, roses and evergreens, relaxation, fun and friendliness are the words that best describe Portorož, a coastal town at the heart of Europe. The interplay of different cultures and music, natural setting, gastronomic delights, and chequered history make for an atmosphere that makes us put our daily worries aside and just relax. Leisurely strolls by the sea, refreshing jogging on the beach, swimming in pools and the sea, beauty and health care programmes at thermal spas, sports and recreation revitalise the body and soul.

Portorož is closely connected to nearby Piran, a small medieval town whose fame and fortune come from one of the largest saltpans in this part of the world. Today mostly abandoned, the saltpans now provide shelter to numerous bird species to nest or stop during southbound migration. It is the saltpans and their natural elements—salt, brine, and fango mud—that spurred the development of tourism in Portorož. When healing properties of these natural elements were discovered as early as the 19th century, Portorož got its first hotels and thermal centres. Today Portorož is popular place to work, relax and have fun. international meetings and events. There is a casino too, where many try their luck with bouncing roulette balls, rustling playing cards and clanking slot machines.

From the villages in hinterland, magnificent views of Istria open up, during spells of nice weather even Alps can be admired. Close by Karst offers different possibilities: visit to Postojna and Škocjan caves or to stud farm Lipica, home of famous Lipizzaner horses, the horses of the former Austrian Imperial Court.


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