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Danijela Furlan

Dr. Danijela Furlan was born on 12 July 1962 in Celje. After graduating the chemistry at the Technical High School in Celje in 1981, she’d studied the chemical technology at the Faculty for Natural Sciences and Technology, University of Ljubljana, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in 1986. She completed the study at the Faculty of Pharmacy in 2000 and became a specialist of medical biochemistry. Three years later, in 2003, she obtained a Master of Science degree for medical biochemistry. In 2012 she completed a doctorate study and obtained the Ph.D. degree in clinical chemistry and laboratory biomedicine.

Dr. Danijela Furlan worked in Ceramic Industry Liboje where she led the Technological Development Department. In 1990 she moved to Novo mesto to General Hospital. She was assigned Head of Diagnostic Laboratory in 1995 which is her current position today.

Besides executing working obligations in the hospital, Dr. Furlan participates also in pedagogical process. She's a mentor of students of laboratory biomedicine from the Faculty of Pharmacy, being responsible to run a study program titled »The laboratory work in practice«, and co-mentors their research projects.

She's also an expert associate at the Faculty for Health Studies in Novo mesto, where she lectures the biochemistry, and conducts the laboratory exercises. She’s published many scientific articles in domestic and international publications, and attended seven conferences in Slovenia and Croatia where she’d been invited as a guest lecturer.

Dr. Furlan is a member of European Association for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, and Slovenian Association for Clinical Chemistry. Besides, she's a member of Slovenian Laboratory Medicine Board, which awarded a license in 2007 for her work in the area of laboratory medicine. She's responsible for finances of the board. She's married and lives in Trebnje.