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Jasna Omersel

Jasna Omersel graduated 2006 from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2006 she obtained the State Pharmacist Certification from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia and commenced postgraduate education in the field of Clinical Biochemistry. Between 2006 and 2010 she was an active researcher in the Laboratory of Immunology at the University Medical Center Ljubljana. She received scholarships from the Society for Development of Rheumatology Slovenia and World Federation of Scientists. In January 2011 she defended her doctoral thesis Posttranslational Modifications of Immunoglobulins as a Cause of Autoimmunity. She works as teaching assistant at the Faculty of Pharmacy Ljubljana, Chair of Clinical Biochemistry. She supervises practical laboratory work as part of courses: Immunology in Laboratory Diagnostics, Skin Immunology, Clinical Biochemistry, and Biomedical Analysis at both graduate and postgraduate level. Her research interests include the study of mechanisms and molecular changes responsible for triggering autoimmune reactions leading to various autoimmune diseases (antiphospholipid syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, IgA nephropathy), protein modifications, development of laboratory diagnostics tests, immunoreactivity cell tests. As a postdoctoral fellow, in 2015, she obtained basic knowledge on study design and laboratory research on experimental autoimmune animal models at The Zabludowicz Center for Autoimmune Diseases (Israel). She is a member of Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society and Slovenian Biochemical Society.